Fishing Line and Sea Birds

I was having a lovely walk on the beach the other day, watching the waves lapping the sandy shore, a warm sea breeze and sea gulls calling and flying about. Then I came across a disturbing scene. If the photo bothers you, it was meant to. It bothered me terribly and I didn't enjoy coming across it.

Fishing line is virtually invisible underwater. Take it with you, don't untangle your spool and leave it on the beach or lake shore. There are consequences to your actions.

Fishing Line Wrapped Around Sea Gull Wing
I beg everyone here to share this and take care when fishing, no matter where. Please pass this on to those in your family that fish or toss line and don't give it a second thought.

And people on the eastern shore, stop killing sea robins and leaving them on the shore. It's cruel and unnecessary and doesn't accomplish a thing but killing a species that has every right to be there.

Be the earth's caretaker and not a destroyer. Take no more than you can eat. Follow state guidelines, sizes and limits.


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