Can Omitting Sugar Help You Prevent the Cold or the Flu this Season?

My naturopath says Yes.
Sugar can compromise your immune system 1-5 hours before eating it and 1-5 hours after eating it. The studies you hear saying it doesn't were funded by the sugar industry. I personally wouldn't trust them. There was a study in 1973 that proved it does.

Think, what do they grow bacteria in when they are trying to find out if you have strep throat or not? A type of sugar. When does the cold/flu season start? After Halloween, then after Christmas, again at Valentine's Day and then Easter. Sugar is the common denominator for all of these holidays.

Alcohol turns to sugar in your system, so that is another to watch out for.

Progressive Health has an in-depth article on this which you can fine here. I'll include some of what they have said if you don't want to visit the site.

The Bottom-Line

So can your sugar intake cause cold and flu? The answer is yes.
Of course, a single intake of sugary foods and/or drinks will not bring you down with the flu. However, continuous and regular consumption of sugar can weaken your immune system enough to impair its ability to fight off infections.
The negative effect of sugar on the immune system is commonly observed in diabetes.
Diabetics usually have a hard time fighting off infections and experiencing complete wound healing. The impairment of the phagocytic (and perhaps other aspects of the immune system) property of white blood cells caused by high blood sugar levels in diabetes lowers resistance to infections.
In the same way, flooding the blood with sugar can temporary impair the functions of white blood cells even in healthy people.
As noted above, sugar is definitely not the sole factor responsible for your risk of cold and flu. In fact, no one factor can bring you down with these diseases but a combination of them will add up.
Therefore, the combination of low vitamin D level during the winter months and the consumption of sugar can accelerate the onset of cold and flu as well as make the diseases severe.
This does not mean that flu season is the only time to avoid sugars.
Regular consumption of sugar from processed food, soft drinks, fruit juices, candies, cookies etc. is bad in all seasons. Sugar negatively affects the body in many ways besides impairing the immune system. It promotes weight gain, insulin resistance, obesity, inflammation and affects just above every organ of the body.

I hope you found this interesting and I hope you test it out. 


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