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Massive Database of GMO Evidence gives Worldwide Picture of Harm

Massive Database of GMO Evidence gives Worldwide Picture of Harm

GMO Evidence has released a new resource showing the harm that GMOs and Roundup have caused in countries worldwide.
Evidence of the harm caused by GMOs (+ Roundup) has until now been hidden deep in thousands of pages of information and the new GMO Evidence site has ploughed through them to create an easy-to-use database that was set up by the owners of Sustainable Pulse.
GMO Evidence has located lab-based scientific research papers and ‘field’ cases, all from published sources, to create a library that puts all the facts regarding the harm caused by GMOs and Roundup in one place.
GMO Evidence includes the work of highly respected scientists like Prof. Gilles-Eric Seralini and his colleagues from CRIIGEN and the University of Caen, including their latest landmark research papers on both GMOs and Roundup. Research papers also include highly reputable authors like Dr. Arpad Pusztai, Dr. Jack Heinneman and Prof. Andres Carrasco.
GMO Evidence field cases of special interest include the birth defects in piglets fed on GM Soy recently publicized in Denmark, illness allegedly from GM Pollen in the Philippines, alleged infertility in pigs in Iowa and human birth defects from GM Soy in Argentina are shown to create a true worldwide picture of the harm GMOs and Roundup have already caused.
GMO Evidence believes that the world public needs easy access to information regarding GMO & Roundup dangers to their health and their environment. It is critical that the public understands that  a large % of GM Crops are sprayed with Roundup, which has already been shown to harm human, animal, soil and plant health.
GMO Evidence is developed by a group of individual citizens from a number of different countries who are not part of any activist group. Our aim is to inform and to support real sustainable agriculture.
To help GMO Evidence please donate and put a link to their web-site on your site, blog or app – if you need help on how to do this please use the contact below to ask for assistance.
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  1. Read all your posts about your IBD kitteh and was wondering how he's doing these days. Is your protocol still getting positive results? I'm starting a new regimen for my IBD kitty too. First I'd like to get the symptoms under control (diarrhea, nausea, feeling yucky). Next, get her off kibble (Nature's Variety Chicken, high protein no grain) and on homemade raw or cooked like the rest of the kids (7 total). I sincerely hope you're still seeing good results. Take care... SB in Iowa

  2. Hi SB, Thanks for asking. Sorry about your IBD kitty. I tried raw food and he had a really big setback. Bright orange diarrhea for 2 months, all inflamed, sitting like a meatloaf, but I finally got him back to eating normal and he's now had formed BM's for the past two days. I swear by Slippery Elm. I had to put him on Leukeran, I'm not sure for how long. The raw food really did him in. My GI vet said some cats do well with it and some don't. I have the 'don't' one. I'll never try that again. He can't have chicken b/c he reacts to it, need the Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Venison, Rabbit or Duck. If your kitty has nausea, Cerenia works wonders. You'll need a script, but it does help through the bad times and they don't have to stay on it too long. Use as needed, basically. And luckily, it's not that expensive. Good luck with your kitty and the other 6!


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