Photoshop CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts

When using Photoshop CS6, I know there are too many shortcuts to remember. I've found the perfect aid to help, this fantastic keyboard shortcut layout by Zerolag.

How to Read the Keyboard Shortcuts Key:

Photoshop Tool Shortcut = grey text
Action Shortcut = blue text
  1. Look for the Photoshop Tool Shortcut (grey text) or Action Shortcut (blue text) that you want to perform on the keyboard.
  2. If you want to use a Photoshop Tool Shortcut (gray text), press on the corresponding key. (Example: To access the “Type” Photoshop Tool, press the letter “T” key)
  3. If you want to use an Action Shortcut (blue text), hold down the Command key, then press on the Action Shortcut key you want indicated in blue text. (Example: To access the “Transform” Action Shortcut, hold down the Command key and press the letter “T” key)

How to Perform Other Shortcuts Not on the Keyboard:

Follow the indicated keys/actions next to the specific shortcut you want to perform. (Example: To “Switch Tools” hold down the Shift button while pressing a Photoshop Tool Shortcut, always indicated in grey text.


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