My Cat Has Inflammable Bowel Disease.....and why you should care.

As some of you know, I have been dealing with a cat with IBD. It's a tough disease. He is starting to do a little better. I am convinced it's from GM corn and the animals that eat the corn or soy and now alfalfa, and I will tell you why.

There is a film out called 'Genetic Roulette' which has comments and interviews by scientists, doctors and veterinarians. The symptoms of cattle and pigs eating GMO's are showing the same symptoms in IBD cats, (and people), usually resulting in slow death, or at the very least, a very uncomfortable life.

The BT (insecticide) in the corn explodes the stomachs of insects that eat it and the Roundup they spray on the crops keeps the animals that feed on it from absorbing nutrients. They are now seeing stomach and intestine cells of humans and animals being destroyed when they eat the GM soy and corn. Babies are now given GM milk formula. Children have leaky gut syndrome when it didn't exist prior to 1996. BT is found in our bloodstream. Infertility has also risen in both animals and humans since the inception of GMO's in 1996. GI tract issues have also greatly increased since then. Even the 'specialized hypo-allergenic' cat foods aren't good b/c the animals that it's made are contaminated with GMO's. Therefore you are still feeding your pet toxic food. 

Dead Cow after eating GMO crops.

The veterinarian's comments are cutting with examples of what and how this is happening.

The BT gene the pet or human eats from the animal that ate it now has the BT gene replicating in their intestines causing problems.

Please, feed your pets, your children and yourselves only organic. It is the only safe way.

Ben and Jerry's is going completely corn syrup GMO free by the end of this year. Anything with corn or soy that isn't organic is GM (genetically modified) or GE (genetically engineered).

Despite official warnings to our government about Monsanto and Dow's GMO's, all that have 'blown the whistle' have all been fired and discredited. Lawyers from Monsanto are on the boards of the FDA and USDA.

I beg you to get your hands on this film and watch it.
$2.99 Donation to watch the complete film:
(you won't regret it) 

BT toxin found in 93% of unborn babies

Your gut is a living pesticide factory 


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