USPS Spam Alert! Phishing to get your info using Fake USPS email.

USPS put out an alert to Beware of Spam! Bogus emails sent to Postal Customers.

I tried to post this on my fb wall to no avial, so I finally posted it here. I hope you can read it. If not, I'll give you a brief description.

People are receiven bogus emails about a package deliver or online postal changes. These emails contain a link or attachment that, when opened, installs a malicious virus that can steal your personal information from your PC.

These emails claim to be from the USPS and contain fraudulent information about attempted or intercepted package delivery or online postage charges. You are instructed to click on a link or open an attachment.


Clicking the link will activate a virus that can steal information---such as your username, password and financial account information.

Delete the message without opening anything.

If you wish to report this spam should you receive it, call 1-800-ASK-USPS or email

Hope this helps.


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