Pilling a Cat Made Easy

My cat recently had to go to the ER because he stopped eating and drinking water, which is not a good sign for cats. After paying fees to the ER larger than the national debt, we left expecting the worst. His labs were all normal, urine, thyroid. Everything but the lining of his intestines were thick, so he could either have cancer, parasites or inflammatory bowel syndrome which they say is not to be confused with irritable bowel syndrome. All in all, something is going on with the bowels and we don't know what yet.

But in the meantime I have to pill the little guy. There's a drug called Flagyl that is so bitter, my cat threw it up and literally hid in the closet. I had to come up with a better way to get the course of meds into him.

AHA! Ureka!

Knowing how much I detest taking pills and preferred capsules myself, I realized that I had some empty '0' capsules hanging around that I use for herbs. But they were too big. So I got the idea to cut them down in size and they WORKED! Oh, happy day! He can toss it out of his mouth and I can put it back in without him ever having a taste. Necessity truly is the Mother of Invention. This simple idea has made our lives so much easier.

In the photo below, you can see the steps I used to make this 'pill capsule'. As an extra help, I coat the capsule in a little bit of organic cooking oil to make it go down easier, but it's not really necessary. There are a few cautions when doing this.....
How to cut a capsule down to make it smaller for a cat.

1) ALWAYS trim shorter the longer, thinner side. It's the longer one you will cut. Always the  LONGER one. You can use ordinary scissors for this. The part you cut will split and crack a little.

2) Put the pills, either crushed, halved or quartered in the part you just cut. 

3) You might have to squish and fenagle the 'long side' to get the fatter or 'short side' as pictured over it. Be very CAREFUL that NO cracked parts of the 'long side' are sticking out of the short side. The cap should go on and cover the end of the 'long side' completely. We don't want any rough edges when the pet swallows the pill.

4) Check with your Vet to MAKE SURE it's OK to combine the medicines if they are taking more than one!

That's it. Now go pill your pet!

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