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I just made my business page profile to look like the old facebook profile, so the photo below doesn't exist anymore. This is my new one:

Facebook's at it again. There's new facebook business pages coming March 30th, like it or not. If you're like me, now is the time to prepare instead of resisting the change. I am working through this at this time and don't want to change over quite yet. I do like the linear line as it currently is. I'll post what I've done so far because there might be others that might have some trouble getting though this. Mark Zuckerberg, please take note we are not all coders, and not even close!

I digress, what's exciting about it is you're going to get a gigantic space to put your branding, but don't get too excited about promoting because there are a few no-no's that could get you in trouble.

Here are some the the No-No's:
• NO 'Calls to Action', in advertising that means No 'Buy Now', 'Like this page or   anything that makes people do something.

• NO Pricing information, no percentages off or a direct to another website.

• NO contact information that is meant for your 'about' pages.

• NO leading others to other facebook site features such as share or like.

Now the GOOD Stuf

You have a HUGE space to design for your branding. It's like the old photostream hack without the lines running through it.

My own personal preference is to make the 'live' area a little smaller and leave a white border around it. The reason for this is so it doesn't 'slap you in the face' when you visit the page. It's only my personal opinion and if you don't feel this suits you, you don't have to do it. This is what I mean by the white border:

There are several other goodies that I'll have to wait to test out for myself.
I hear you can pin posts that highlight your app tabs on the top of your timeline. You'll be able to feature your blog posts, enter a contest or get a coupon.

Another goodie, should you decide to look at it that way, is you have another chance to design something; App Tab Images. You can make your application tabs stand out and have people come to your custom pages by having them click on it.

I know I need to prepare for this, but since I don't want to change over yet, yes, I'm resisting, I've only gotten as far as the cover shown above. Hey, I think it's a really great start!


  1. Thanks for this. Personally, I've been kind of dreading the profile changes coming to Facebook this month. Don't have a choice though do I? I do agree with your comments about branding though, so I'll try to make the best of it. Who knows - maybe I'll end up liking it after all! Thanks as well for the list of No-no's. I had absolutely no idea!

    1. I just made a new post, the landing pages are gone. There are tabs instead.

  2. You have a good reason for putting a white border around the cover photo. It does make the photo seem a little smaller than it is. Although there are others who prefer having the picture jump right in front of your face, especially if they included some contact information that they want people to see right away. Either way, both are still effective ways of branding. It all depends on how you make it appealing.

  3. I agree with you. The new layout Facebook created is good for business pages. The timeline cover photo would definitely catch attention while browsing, thus making your business more effective. Facebook is now a prime choice for businesses to make a page because of it's accessibility. Anyway, I'll be surely checking your and see if I could buy a few stuff. Good day! :)

    Lloyd Frenz

    1. Thank you, Lloyd. It seems like a lot of social media, google+ and twitter, have followed suit. Seems to me the Pendulum swings one way and will swing back at some future point.


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