How to Edit Facebook Ads

A lot of people are new to facebook advertising and have some difficulties on how to edit their ads. I had trouble finding how to edit and found out by accident so I thought other people might have the same problem. It's very easy once you know how. This is how you do it.

1) Go to 'Manage Ads'

2) You will get a page that looks like this with your current information in it, or a more simplified version as shown in the next photo:

3) Put your cursor over the bar, anywhere and it will highlight a light blue.

4) Click anywhere in the blue and you'll see more information regarding your ads.

5) A dropdown will open, Click on 'edit' where you want to edit, and you're back to where you started. Have fun editing to see what works!

I hope this makes it easier for anyone having trouble and good luck with your ads!

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