LinkedIn's New Privacy Settings Change

Were you aware that LinkedIn has changed it's privacy settings? If not, you might want to find out about it and visit the links below to make sure they're set the way you want them. Hackers today are everywhere and watch everything and are very good at what they do. Your info can be shared with third party members or used in marketing thus putting a little more of 'you' for all eyes to see. A little data about you here and there adds up to a profile with a lot of information.

Linkedin have very quietly introduced some new settings that potentially affect your privacy and your ability to prevent unwanted emails (spam). These new settings are defaulted ON and include allowing Linkedin to use profile information, names and photos in third party advertising. Please see the links below for opting out. You might want to consider alerting your contacts on Linkedin.

To reach the hard-to-reach settings options the following URL's should take you directly to them (cut and paste into your browser if they don't work as live links)

Manage social advertising:

Manage enhanced advertising:

Data sharing with third party applications:

Partner InMail:

I hope this helps to protect your information. Save these links or bookmark this page so you can check you status or if you decide to change your mind.


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