How to Keep your Skin From Turning Green

That awful green color that has developed underneath your latest jewelry piece can be a dead giveaway that you are not wearing a product made of high-quality metal. The green that is forming on your skin is most likely caused by a ring that contains copper; when it comes in contact with your skin, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the green color. This reaction happens more commonly with sterling silver than with gold, but the lower the karats in your gold ring, the greater the likelihood that it has copper in it.

1. You can try using clear nail polish on the inside of rings and bracelets. The clear polish will wear off after a while so you will need to do this often. Give it a few coats to make it last longer.

2. You can try to use underarm deodorant around your finger or wrist as it's the perspiration or sweat that causes that causes the metal to react.

3. You can get your piece a heavy sterling silver or gold electroplate if you are not allergic to silver or gold. A jeweler can do this for you. Most retail silver jewelry and white gold jewelry is plated with rhodium to prevent this from happening.

4. Remove your ring if coming in contact with water. Dry your hands before putting it back on.

5. I am not going to tell you to watch the acidic foods you eat. A body can be acid for many reasons other than food consumption.

I hope this helped those that have a special piece of jewelry that they are having a problem wearing. My Etsy Store, Gilded Owl Jewelry, has a nice selection of sterling silver and gold jewelry. I hope you can drop by for a visit!


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