4 Days Left Before facebook Timeline Changes, Protect Yourself

Of interest:

You have 4 days left to get rid of your old posts or photos that you don't want people to see on your fb timeline. For instance, if you were wild in college, since the time you opened your fb acct, EVERYTHING will be available to people unless you delete it before they force the timeline on you. So that wild picture could come up if looking for a rent, or getting into school or getting a job, or used in court. You're now agreeing to this to be on fb. Google+ is even worse. I just dumped my google+ acct and soon to bag gmail.

Protect yourself.


how to delete your timeline on facebook

google WaPo
Google tracks consumers’ online activities across products, and users can’t opt out - The Washington Post

To make changes, set up your timeline unpublished and go to the area circled in red to delete posts.


  1. Thanks! Just emailed this to DD!

  2. Good to know! But, I am hoping that I would never and have never put anything on line that I didn't want known to the world, after all it is the internet and the world wide web. And, that includes my phone. My secure sites I use must have a https address, just for identity theft.

    1. You're smart not to put that info out there, but it's not only info. If you were to say something like you hated chocolate and would never eat it, and then ate chocolate in front of someone, and then you had to go to court for anything, they could say you're a liar and discredit you. It's going to be used litigiously. I'm being silly and general, but you get my point. It's tendencies, not just information. It's a timeline. I hope we get an opt out button.


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