Pandas and SEO, 5 Things to Know about PANDA

Are you no longer on the first three pages of a google search? It's all because of a nasty Panda.

If you're a seller, most likely you'll have heard about google's Panda algorithms. If you're not, this might not be of interest to you other than what you do see when you do a search for something.

I haven't heard of anyone with their own little stores that like what's been happening. Most people feel their stores have dropped of the face of the earth.

I'm learning and below are a few things that I've fully wrapped my head around.


If you own two or more stores and have a lot of duplicate content, you can be sure you're being penalized. There is a site where you can check on this. Its called, of all things, 'DuplicateContent'. You can enter two web page items and see how similar google sees them. You might want to focus on one site more than the other to avoid this.

Here's a site I found about how to write interesting content for google.


If you're not a writer you might run into trouble with this one.
It matters how long people spend on your pages. If there are a lot of bounces, your ranking will be lower. You can't just stay on a page because google knows if someone is actually looking through the page or site or just sitting on it. google knows way too much ;-)

Remember when you were in grade school and you were rewarded when you wrote a lot about nothing to fill up a page for a good grade? When 'keeping it simple' was a handicap? I guess google doesn't like simplicity, so it's back to filling up the page, but with RELEVANT, INTERESTING content. If it's not relevant, google won't like it, and if it's not interesting, people won't like it.


When you're selling jump rings or jewelry that is similar, it's tough to be unique as you're competing with millions of other sellers.

Try not to overlap with the same keyword phrases and don't have your content buried in a ton of advertising. Affiliate sites took the biggest hit, which is what Panda wanted to do. There's a few still there, but have you noticed there are less of them? That's one good thing.


A good way to get higher up in google rankings is backlinks. Backlinks are when someone puts your store and url on their site or blog. It makes google think you're more important. Write about other artists and include their shop name IN the url that takes them back to their page, item or store. Google doesn't like reciprocating backlinks but unique backlinks. Many bloggers have known and do this already, but it's never too late to start. Start blogging about other sellers.


Panda is still being tweaked and will probably be until there is no more google, if that's even possible.

I hope you can take a look at the content in my Etsy store, Gilded Owl Jewelry, , which I am still tweaking, trying to get the Panda gods to smile down on me. I want to wish you all good luck with this creature!


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