Hoop Earrings are Endless!

OK, I meant to be 'cheeky'. The size, materials and what you can do with them are endless. Oh Oh, another quip.

Hoop earrings are always popular. I make them in many different ways in a variety of styles for diverse tastes.

These are just a few:

SOLD! Contact me for a custom pair!

These are all hammered. There's something about hammering metal. I can't stop myself. Although I do have a few that I managed to leave in one piece, but it's not the norm for me.

Then you can get creative and attach gemstones or crystals to them, or even wrap wire around them. The wire wrapping is my own original design. As long as they hang properly, what you can do with them is endless.

The earrings above need to be listed yet. They sell out quickly.

I hope you'll take a minute to visit my eclectic selection of earrings and other unique items at Gilded Owl Jewelry!


  1. These are wonderful designs! And I agree with your comment about hammering metal. I find it VERY therapeutic! :)

  2. Thanks, Teresa. I understand. Don't get a woman and her hammer. LOL!


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