eStores: Traffic Comparison

Did you ever wonder how much traffic the sight you're buying or selling on brings in?

I just found out there are sites that compare eStores. The two I found are called Quantcast and Compete. I was amazed at the numbers and you could clearly see which stores were Panda slapped by google. Thank you google for affecting thousands of businesses. I digress, They both track in different ways and I understand that Quantcast is more accurate and varied than Compete.

The following graphs from quantcast shows people traffic for Etsy, Artfire, and Zibbet. They are the stores with the most traffic that I've found. If you find any others, please post a comment. Etsy and Artfire are in the millions while Zibbet is in the thousands.

These are the differences in Quantcast and Compete: has no onsite tracking tool. It has no pixel or other piece of code that actually tracks anything.

They use a sample of people who have installed a compete tool bar, track the sites that this sample group visits and then try to project overall site traffic from their sample. For large sites the numbers are more accurate, small sites not accurate at all and midsize sites it is hit or miss. This functions much like Nielsen ratings for TV or Arbitron ratings for radio.

Quantcast has a pixel in the header of every page on our site. So our site is "quantified". That is, they do not estimate or project the data, but actually measure the data. Other sites are not quantified by estimated. Still others block their public data. Google analytics does the same thing ( a snippet) but does not have a public summary page like quantcast. GA also uses an asyncrhonous snippet and is not blocked from loading like quantcast is by many security programs that block 3rd party cookies or snippets.

Thus compete is usually the lowest, Quantcast in the middle and GA the highest of the third party sites we use for tracking.

Higher still are the actual server logs, which track all inbound traffic regardless of pixel or snippet loading.

Save the links of the compare sites so you can do your own investigation for eStore traffic. I hope this helps you to decide which sites to sell on or buy from. They are all different and all good.
Happy Selling and Buying!


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