My Homemade Earring Racks for the Show

I'm almost there for my first craft fair. This is the 'in-progress' photo. Everything is everywhere. My apologies to everyone in the house. I've found some exciting ways to hang earrings both online and recycling at home.

This is my 'refrigerator' earring stand. My husband found this old refrigerator rack in the basement and it makes a PERFECT earring rack. Put a couple of wood pieces on the bottom and there you have it.

This one is the standard picture frame with felt backing and screening over it. It works very well and the dark background makes the metals pop.

I'm off to do more organizing and pricing. I have no idea what I'll have left so I am going to close my shops for that one day. If you're in the area, please come visit on Saturday, November 19th at Mackrille Elementary School....Holiday merriment & artisans Festival.
806 Jones Hill Rd
(203) 931-6820 10AM to 5PM

If you can't make it, grab a cup of coffee and take a leisurely look in my Gilded Owl Jewelry ArtFire shop!


  1. Love the repurposing of both the fridge rack and the frame. The black really give your earring s a great background! Wishing you good sales and a great time at your show!


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