Is Google only Working with Google?

Has anyone noticed if Google is cross platforming?

I have been finding that Google's apps like Blogger and Google+ don't work as well on other browsers as they do on Google Chrome. Which is beginning to appear to me to be monopolistic?

It seems to me that Blogger doesn't work well on my other browsers, but works great with Google Chrome. Google+ doesn't work with Camino but works with FireFox and Safari. But when I get it to work and get past the 'your browser isn't supported', it works fine. So in reality, it IS supported. Just the sign in isn't. So I am suspect that Google is coding other browsers away because it works fine once I'm in. I they think that If you're frustrated enough, you'll switch to Chrome.

I'm on a mac and I've tried Camino, FireFox and Safari. So far Google Chrome is the only Winner all around.

I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this, but I may have to switch to Google Chrome.

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