Liver Disease and Maple Syrup

Pure and Genuine Maple Syrup may help with a compromised liver function. Having to watch my immune system, I am always on top of protocols that can be of benefit. This is one that caught my eye. Since sugar & a high carb diet can cause diabetes in people with liver disease, this might be a beneficial replacement. Don't forget, sugar turns to alcohol in your system, which is why so many alcoholics crave sugar when they stop drinking.

One thing you might want to think about when buying maple syrup is the darker the colour, the more minerals it contains. So Grade B is better for you than grade A and C better than B. Most of the farms that make the syrup will keep these for themselves. I have found grade B at Trader Joe's.

I am quoting an excerpt from

The Recent Maple Syrup Research
Because high sugar intake can encourage the progression of liver disease, finding sweet concoctions that are friendly to the liver has been a perpetual challenge. Along that vein, Japanese researchers compared liver function tests in animals fed maple syrup against those fed a syrup mix with a similar sugar content.

While a full report on the study is scheduled to be published in a November 2011 issue of the journal Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, the researchers found that those consuming the real maple syrup had significantly better liver-function test results.

The team from University of Tokyo theorized that maple syrup may contain antioxidant compounds capable of helping regulate glucose metabolism and increasing insulin release. According to the researchers, maple syrup also causes genes involved in the production of harmful ammonia in the liver to be less active. Their findings led the investigators to conclude that pure maple syrup may promote liver health.

There is plenty more evidence required before declaring maple syrup to be a medicinal substance. However, there is reason to purchase real maple syrup over the artificial kind. In addition, those striving to maintain their liver’s wellness can confidently include this sweet elixir on their list of liver friendly foods.

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