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When I first started following blogs I wasn't sure about the 'following' a blog or 'joining' a blog. I thought I would get spammed and tons of emails. This is not the case. You get nothing in your email box and you don't get any spam. It's just a nice way of saying I like your content and will visit again.

The blogs you follow or join show up on your dashboard and you can see a quick synopsis of what's new and what the people you follow wrote should you want to visit.

Blogs are a great way to stay in touch and let people know what you're doing. They have everything from news to your vocation. There is everything about everything and it's worth checking them out.

These are a few things I found that are really cool.

nakanari does Toy Creation.

Here are some custom dolls from Moonchild Dolls

And isn't this the coolest rag wreath?

There are tons of articles and interesting images on Blogger and don't be afraid to Join or Follow one that you like. It's a lot of fun to do!


  1. Excellent post and so very true! :) great wreath btw! I love it!


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