New Techie Projects for Your Geek Side

Geek is in. Techno items are beginning to make their way into mainstream. I was asked to make a custom birthday gift for someone and it was a rather traditional request. Boring. I found out this person did programming for a computer company and ran with that.

I found some old computer chips thanks to my IT guy and started to cut them up into different shapes and sized them to fit the bezels I had. Some were almost impossible to cut into, but others were more relenting.

Above are photos of the two newest pendants that came out of this idea. They are now available for purchase in my ArtFire Store. The type of metal used in the bezel will determine the price. Some of what I use is pewter and some is sterling silver.

After I created these I started looking online for Geek Jewelry and was surprised at what people were passing off as Geekery. So many items had nothing to do with Techie materials which was quite a disappointment to me. There are some very creative items out there, though. But you have to look through a lot to find them.

Here's a few pieces of Geek Furniture I thought were interesting. The first is a Captain Kirk Bridge Chair, the middle is cd discs and the last is a periodic table. Pardon the pun.


  1. Super cool pendants, Chris! They are ingenious and very well done.

  2. Thank you, Bria. Appreciate the thoughtful compliment.


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