Silver Fish, 1000 Leggers or House Centipedes?

Ever see those reddish brown thingies on your walls or floors at night that look like worms with tons of legs? My mom told me they were silverfish, but you can't always trust what your parents tell you. It's not their fault, it's what they were told and they pass the information on to us. Sometimes you have to look things up for yourself. I digress…..

We used to kill them until I found some interesting information about them. They are called House Centipedes and they have two gleaming attributes, they EAT SPIDERS & COCKROACHES!. 'nuff said. In my book that's a keeper. I'll take those creepy, crawlies around any day as a natural pesticide for the 8 leggeds. So if you have a lot of house centipedes, maybe you have a large food source. They can bite, but are rarely known to bite humans.

If your centipedes can grow to a few inches long, there must be some whopping spiders they're living off of somewhere in the basement. Good enough for me. No pesticides or harm to the cat, limited number of centipedes and spiders. Plus, it may give the cat hours of entertainment watching them. I haven't a clue if he does, but it seems like something he might enjoy.

No, we're not overridden with bugs, it's only a few centipedes that I notice, so I say, live and let live. I can co-exist as long as they take care of the spiders.


  1. Eww creepy! I can't believe those little bugs eat cockroaches.

  2. Thank goodness they do! At least it's a safe way to get rid of them.

  3. It's great to have the live & let live attitude with bugs, but honestly, these creep me out, so I'm not sure how well I'd do with that. Thank goodness I don't seem to have any here, and don't have many spiders either.

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  5. It's funny how uniquely unnerved each of us are. I'd take spiders over these any day!

    1. True. This is only an observation, but I've noticed most people afraid of spiders aren't afraid of snakes, and vice versa.

  6. I'm all for "helpful" bugs, but not when they hide in my towel and crawl on my face as I'm drying off after my shower ewwwww!


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