Old Tires as Kitty Litter?

There's a new cat litter in town and I'm not so sure it's a good thing. It's made out of old recycled tires. EnviroKats is one that I've heard of. I need to comment on the use of old tires and the hazards that they harbor.

They tout this as 'green' and while that may be true for disposing of tires, it's not true for you or your pets. There is nothing good about using old tires for plants or animals.

In case you're not aware, there are huge discussions going on regarding old tires and astroturf. The finding is that old tires are carcinogenic. Do you want your cat scratching around in that and then licking his paws? Cats have so many environmental hurdles as it is. Do you want to breathe in any dust when cleaning their boxes?

Cats are exposed to many carcinogens both outdoors and in. Outdoors they are exposed to carcinogens like pesticides and herbicides. Cancer, kidney and liver failure is rampant.

Inside cats are exposed to sprays protecting carpets and couches, fire retardants. All carcinogenic, not to mention what's in the cheaper pet food, but that's another story.

Here are some links for you to investigate:

University of Connecticut
Artificial Turf Full of Toxins that can Cause Cancer

Tire Crumbs and Rubber Mulch



  1. Very interesting and I'm not at all surprised. It's disturbing how many things are labeled 'green' when in reality are far, far from that! I struggle with what to use for cat litter, I'm grateful that my cats most often prefer to do their business outside, using the box only out of desperation! ;)

  2. My cat uses it more in the winter, but much prefers it au natural!

  3. alot leaches out from the cat pee. cat makes it safer by using it.

  4. You can't turn a toxic into a non-toxic by adding urea. All of our dump sites would be rendered safe.


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