The Chickadee Is Doing Fine

I posted earlier about the chickadee fledgling we took under our 'wing'. He's doing fine and going to a woman that's trained to rehab birds this morning. It's been wonderful having him here.

He chirps when he's hungry and pecks at our 'custom' feeding sticks when he isn't. My husband took chopsticks and drilled little holes in the bottom of them. Then he stuck toothpicks in the holes. That way we don't have to be so close to the bird. He started eating off of the ground a few days ago, which is a MAJOR step from what I now understand. All in all, it's been a great experience and I will miss the little guy.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad he's doing well! He is the cutest little bugger!! All's well that end's well. :)

  2. aw, he's so cute! Happy to hear that he's going to be just fine, also that you were able to find a place to take him in. :]

  3. Sugarraindrops, Yes, I found a rehabber and she was working on 5 flicker fledglings when I walked in. Another woman was feeding 8 parrots and I saw another bird, a starling I think, in another cage. So I know he's in good hands. She said she'd call when he's going to be released if I want to come see. Good people donating a lot of their time helping these tiny creatures.

    Donate to your local rehabbers if you can. They never ask.


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