Thinking of Selling OnLine?

Don't know what to do or where to go? A lot of people are thinking of selling online
these days. Do you have a great product and are looking for something relatively easy to use and comes with a lot of bells and whistles? One with real, human customer support if needed? Then look no more, it's ArtFire.

I will give you 10 reasons why you should consider this site.

1) It's easy to list new items and they get traffic.

2) The staff has posts that help you so that you can maximize your SEO. Search Engine Optimization. No matter which site you go to, you're going to have to learn how to get google to have your item appear in people's searches. ArtFire excels at this. Nowhere will you see a help guide like this.

3) The forum is full of helpful and supportive people.

4) There is a monthly fee with no other surprises. No relisting fees. You can list a
million items and it won't cost you a dime other than your monthly fee. Nothing to ever renew! (If you're interested right now, click here: YES! I want to find out more!)

5) One button editing to put your whole shop on sale, and so many other features. One I love is you can see all incoming URL addresses. It lets you see if people are visiting from facebook, twitter, google, or another website so you can better target your shopping audience. I can't mention them all here, but I guarantee you'll love them.

6) No Scamming. Buyers won't be left in the dust by a store closing up in the middle of the night which is happening on some other venues. ArtFire makes sure no orders are pending before a store can be shut down.

7) Privacy! Unlike Etsy, your information of who you bought from or what you like isn't shared. Your information is kept private.

8) There are mini widgets, like the 'ArtFire Rapid Cart' on the right hand side of this blog to put on webpages, blogs or anywhere else. (Can't wait? Find out more now here)

9) ArtFire comes with it's own blog where people are lead directly into your store site. Here's an example:

10) You can sign up for a FREE Basic Account, but their Pro account is a great deal at the normal price of US US $20.00 a month but right now, for just US US $9.95 a month, you can have access to great features such as the Facebook Kiosk, coupon codes and gift certificates, Global Product Editor, craft guilds, artifact recognition awards, increased search exposure, and more!

Not only do you get all of those features, but they spend money to advertise this site to buyers. How much? Their typical monthly advertising goal is to reach 100 million impressions in 30 days!

In addition, there are no listing fees or commissions charged to you. You can list as much as you want for just US $9.95 a month.

These are good reasons to trust your items to ArtFire. Just check it out. The Basic Account is FREE and you have nothing to lose. But I'll bet you'll want to go Pro! Right now you'll get your 3rd month FREE if you sign up for a Pro Account! Click here to find out more!




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