Things you Shouldn't Share on Social Media.

So many people think that they're in a 'private room' and no one else can see or hear what's going on in it except who they want to. Don't get cozy with this. Not only can a friend betray you down the line, whether or not they mean to, but most anyone with a little effort can get into your pages. You hear about this on the news every once in a while. It's insane to think everything that's marked private is really private.

There's one rule I live by and it works for social media, too. Don't say or write anything unless it's OK for the rest of the world to hear it. After learning my lesson, I remember someone wanting to tell me a secret. I replied to them, "If you don't want anyone else to hear it, don't tell me". End of story. If it's not OK for anyone else to hear it, then there's something wrong with what you're saying or being told. The same with photos, don't post them unless you don't mind ANYONE looking at them. Ask, would I mind if my boss saw or read this?

And NEVER post anything negative about your boss. There's always someone else in the wings who wants your job and will do almost anything to get ahead. Even create a false username and befriend you on your site. Which leads me to another big no-no....

Politics and religion. They're like tattoos. Some day you may decide you just don't want that tattoo anymore. Even if you think you'll want it forever, you never know. I've seen it happen. Or your boss, ex, may be opposed to what you believe and you'll get hassled or won't get promoted for something you won't have any idea as to why.

Twenty years down the road, someone can use what you can't even imagine now, against you. This stuff stays around forever and is public. Why put yourself in a compromising position? If you have a friend, talk to them in person. If it's really sensitive, even a mobile can be hacked and your whereabouts can be traced. Keep your conversations and posts straight, honest and light. "Clean Hands make a Happy Life". -LRH

If anyone else has any suggestions, please post them.


  1. Sounds like all good advice, thanks for sharing! :)

  2. What great advice. I'm glad I found you through postling bootcamp


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