My Beach Glass Mona Lisa Pendant

I just posted a new piece I'm very excited about. It's a sea glass pendant with a lovely hand painted face. This is a totally unique design. It took me about 3 months to design it.

I found this unique piece of beach glass on the shores of Milford, CT, where Captain Kidd is said to have buried his treasure. It's supposed to be on Charles Island, but I

Being on the large side, it stayed on my counter for 3 months as I passed by wondering what to do with it. I didn't want to cut or break it as it had a unique shape. Then it came to me, a face, it needs a face! So I painted a face on it. After that, it was easy to let the wire lead me where it wanted to go. I call it Mona Lisa because of her subtle smile. It was a lot of fun to do & I plan to make a few more when I get the time. I hope they don't take me 3 months!

You can find this an my other creations at my ARTFIRE STORE.


  1. I love the ingenious ideas people will come up with! What a great little face! :)

  2. Fantastic sea glass pendant, love the face she is so sweet, thanks for nice comment.


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