It's Almost Spring! Is it Time to Clean?

It's almost spring! It can't come soon enough for me this year.

I'm already planning what seeds to start indoors so the timing is right to plant outside.

To me, Spring means a time of cleansing and cleaning. The plants that grow early in the Spring are the ones we use to detoxify, so mother nature reminds us what we should be doing. (I don't know if that includes the refrigerator.)

Along with those thoughts, it's also time to plan making some new jewelry. I'm not sure yet what it is that I'm going to make, but it will come. I've got tons of projects in my head & on paper that I haven't even begun to get to.

I have some Peruvian Opal which is GORGEOUS and I'm thinking of pairing it with gold. I love to work with gold. I use gold filled material because of the expense, but I'll soon venture into the realm of the real element.
Exciting thought!

But before I can do anything with jewelry, I've got lots of illustrations to do. It's my day job and I love it because it, too, is creative. Now I need to get back to work. Deadlines, you know.


  1. I got all tingly thinking of spring cleaning, windows open, fresh air circulating. It's still hard to imagine my garden, still buried under so much snow... ;)

  2. Don't you know it! Going to plant seedlings next weekend! (indoors)

  3. These beads are beautiful! I know what it's like when you just want to make jewelry but your day job (also design) calls. I'm a landscape architecture student and I have to design all day when I really just want to play with metal! I love both, though, and I need them both in my life. :) Great blog!

  4. Whatever you do with those beads … I'm certain it will be lovely!

  5. I did it! I ordered 14K gold findings for another pair of Peruvian Opals I got. I can't wait! Between that and filling up my gas tank....geesh. Hey Warner Bros, I'll work for a lot less than Charlie Sheen! LOL!

  6. Chris thanks for the help with the following question. I made it here! what surprises me is how many I have with no blog listed. I guess they read but not write(hard to imagine) anyway I'm glad to be following and those beads are simply delicious


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