Help! Our American Buffalo are Going to be Slaughtered in May!

Sorry to post something like this, but it needs to be brought to the public's attention and there is little time.

The last of the true American Buffalo are in dire trouble and you can do something small to help.

American Buffalo or Bison have long been a favorite of mine & of the old West. They are majestic creatures rich with a history long before Europeans ever set foot on this soil. And now they are in peril. The last of the original lineage of our buffalo are in grave danger and we hear so little about it.

Recently, the Parks Dept of Montana along with the US government, yes, your tax dollar$, has rounded up 500 buffalo which they intend to slaughter very soon. So I want to talk about things that you can do to help them.

First I want to tell you why they round them up for slaughter.

Buffalo need to migrate to their grazing grounds in the winter for food as they have done for eons. But since our US government has leased OUR land for pennies on the dollar so that cattle barons can graze their cattle, the buffalo have been a nuisance. They claim that the buffalo could give brucellosis to the cattle, but this has never been proven to ever have occurred. It is more of a ruse to justify the slaughter to US citizens. Our government should be more concerned about the cattle giving the buffalo Mad Cow Disease, aka Chronic Wasting Disease aka CJD in humans. Many of these cows are pregnant and are in desperate need of food. As soon as they step over an imaginary line to eat, they are captured in a horrid way, sometimes losing their calves.
Photo Courtesy of Robert Winslow Photographer

So I ask everyone to please write and sign petitions to help the buffalo as much as possible.
This link sends a letter to the man in charge of the slaughter.

Other Important Actions YOU CAN DO on their behalf.

1.  Contact Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Colin Campbell and tell him to set the buffalo free, pull out of the Interagency Bison Management Plan, stop harassing and killing wildlife and work towards habitat-based solutions for America's last wild buffalo!  307-344-2003

2.  Contact your Members of Congress and urge them to intervene with the Park on your behalf and to support federal funding to protect America's last wild buffalo and their habitat.  Ask them to support the re-direction of funds wasted on the Interagency Bison Management Plan towards habitat-based solutions that honor the wild integrity of our national heritage.  Write Your Representative  &  Write Your Senators

3.  Contact Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and THANK HIM for the 90-day stay of execution, tell him he did the right thing.  Please also remind him that wild buffalo must be allowed to access habitat in Montana.  Brucellosis is not the issue, but habitat for wild buffalo is the solution.  Remind him that until Montana embraces and respects wild, free-roaming bison, the state will continue to be globally shamed by these actions against America's last wild buffalo!  Remind him that tourism sustains Montana.  406-444-3111

4.  Sign BFC's Petition to National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis urging him to abandon the failed Interagency Bison Management Plan.  Sign it now.  

5.  Write Letters to the Editor to newspapers in your region to help raise awareness and bring an end to the unjust treatment of America's last wild buffalo.  Write on for the buffalo here!   

6.  Vote for wild buffalo and all wildlife with your money by Boycotting beef 

7.  Volunteer with BFC by joining us on the front  406-646-0070  

8.  Watch & Share This Video to Inspire Yourself & Others to Protect the Wild Bison 

YOU!  Please spread the word to save these herds by telling everyone you know what is happening to the country's last wild buffalo and what they can do to .  Knowledge is power!
Buffalo Field Campaign is the only group working in the field 
and in the policy arena to protect America's last wild bison.


  1. This is such an important issue! Thanks for writing about it. I do indeed boycott beef and I did sign the petition!

  2. Thanks so much. Means a lot to the buffalo!

  3. Thanks for sharing this.

    New follower from UEF :)

    -Tiffany with Will Write 4 Food

  4. Thanks so much for the article. Reading these words makes my heart hurt, we have things so backwards sometimes. I'll do what I can to help. :)

  5. Thanks, they need all the help they can get. They're good people that work for the BFC. Off to see your blog.


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