Had Enough? So has the wildlife.

We had an ice storm yesterday and you can't even walk on the snow, it's so slipprey. I was shuffling to feed the birds and squirrels and whatever elsc happens by, when I see a dark 'blob' sitting under the feeder. Not moving. Mind you, it's in the 20's and the wind is blowing a bit.

As I approached, I could see it was a male mallard duck. A 'sitting duck', which rings true as he stands out as dark prey against a white backdrop. Easy for the hawks to spot. As I approached, he didn't move so I picked him up and carried him to the house. I could feel his little heart beat a million times a second. So I put him on the deck with some bird feed and he started to eat. He got strong enough to walk away from me the 3rd time I tried to put more seed down. His wing might be injured, but that's nature. Nature is hard. I hope the feed gave him a little comfort. If he is injured, he may perish, Cycle of life. An animal needs to be 100% healthy to make it in the wild. I will feed him as long as he is around and will accept the food.
Ice storm the day after. Everything is covered with a glaze.

I urge anyone that can afford to feed the birds and wildlife during these especially hard times, to do so. Maybe you have some scraps from the kitchen you usually throw out that can help get them through a few rough days. A few days or hours of food can mean the difference between life and death.


  1. Lovely post. I feed all the birds in our neighborhood.

  2. We feed lots of strays. Somebody needs to protect the animals.
    I saw your blog on Etsy forums, I have a blog too

  3. I too feed the garden birds here in the UK.
    Love the photos of the snow and I hope the duck will be OK; I love ducks.


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