Mystery Solved!

The grill cover mystery....

I recently went around the corner of our deck where our summer items sleep for the winter not expecting to find anything out of order, and lo and behold, our grill cover was ripped to shreds. Everything from the winter blizzard to a poor quality product went through my mind. I went back to the kitchen where I could see that part of the deck while I'm working, and there was the answer, staring me straight in the was grey and covered with fur. It was a little furry squirrel. Yup, a squirrel that has the most cozy home this winter. One of the newer models with insulation and wind resistance. And to think we've been feeding the little monsters. They certainly know how NOT to show appreciation. I hope when the squirrel babies are born soon that they will appreciate the warmth that we've given them. Cudos to the parents to pick such a warm material. I guess we'll have to buy another grill cover for the summer and we'll be sure to pick a different material. One that isn't so 'appealing'.

I still feed them and I still wonder why I do it. I guess it's because they amuse me so when I'm in the kitchen, and the cost is no more than a grill cover.  For the hours of pleasure I get from watching them, then that's a small price to pay.


  1. LOL Too funny!

    And thank you for the reminder, my grill cover has blown off and I need to go put it back on the grill and anchor it better.



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