5 Reasons Why you should keep your Blog Going....

So you've neglected your blog because of other social media? How about 5 reasons why you should keep it going?

I was perusing the internet and came across ask Aaron Lee. He posted this article on neglecting your blog just when I needed it. I hope that it encourages you to keep blogging. Here's his article and I hope you find it interesting and encouraging for the New Year.

1) Social Media Changes

Social media can change “just like that” and without you realizing it. They can take away your monthly income. I realized many people saying we don’t need to spend much time on blogs because we have Facebook or twitter. The thing is, we still need a blog. The blog or website is where we make build content. While social networking sites are where we spread the awareness of our blog.

When I was on Friendster, I heard a lot of people was making tons of money from Myspace. I’m not sure about what happened to them now.

2) Email Marketing is Holy Grail.

I learned this from Nick. Nick is the founder of Social Times Inc, and he spoke at the Social Ad Summit on Facebook’s advertising. He mentioned that email marketing is the holy grail of marketing. The reason behind so is, because “we” as marketers get people who are willing to give in their email so that we can contact them in the future. They are people who already have the interest and the trust that they have put in us.

If I give a person my email or subscribe to their newsletter, chances are that I already have an interest in them and what they have to say.

3) Conversation Rates

Here are the conversation rates from email marketing (the holy grail of course) to other forms of advertising and marketing.
Email > Blog > LinkedIn > Facebook > Twitter

I was looking for the facts behind this but was having trouble looking for it. Email works best because the people already have built a trust on us.

4) “Death” of social networking sites

I’ve been online for a while, and I noticed many social networking sites “dying” because they were unable to “cope” and change fast enough. Look at Myspace today. No offence to Myspace fans out there but Myspace is dying, and I think everyone knows this.

Friendster is not doing very well themselves too. I have a Friendster account that I used for two years and left it there. (Friendster is now owned by MOL Malaysia).

Digg is doing quite bad as well and rumors has it that Kevin Rose the founder of Digg will resign. Hi5 is another example.

However, a few of these websites are having a “comeback” like Myspace and Friendster, which had their redesigns. Hi5 has rumors to be the game version of Facebook, but is it too late?

5) Content Brings Subscribers

In my opinion, tweets and wall post brings readers, and content brings subscribers and maybe SALES. You can’t really get much from a tweet, unless they are engagements, or you’re helping someone out with a problem, but trying to make a sale? Perhaps its possible, after all recently, Mark Collier did just that with his weekly blog chat.


  1. There was an interesting show on "Charlie Rose" (PBS) last night about the Social Networks. LinkIn was one they foresaw a future in.

    While a large portion of the show was about Facebook, they expressed security issues and the long term adverse effect Facebook will have on a generation who shares their world, worldwide. Saying it will effect future employment, etc. Very valid points.

    I see that many people have stopped blogging. Some blog about "colors". Colors may be fine for one day per week, but as a daily theme readers are not going to continue to stop by, let alone comment.

    Have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing this information!


  2. I agree about the privacy issues. Not much is anymore. The future will be interesting for sure!

  3. My blog has been suffering lately too! Thanks for this post :)

  4. I've felt stupid for spending so much time on my blog. I feel much better now, thanks.

  5. When I first started my blog I posted almost daily but eventually that dropped off when I found I wasn't getting many visits. I still plug away at it just not as often. I do use features available to post blog entries to my social network accounts.


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